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Fireplace Cleaning and Inspection

We provide state of the art fireplace cleanings and inspections to Cuyahoga, Summit, Medina, Lorain, Geauga, Lake, Portage and surrounding counties. Our Chimney Sweeps are Chimney Safety Institute of America (C.S.I.A.) certified and are always on top of the latest techniques and procedures. We inspect the entire venting system including the chimney exterior with each cleaning and inspection. You can enjoy your fireplace system with peace of mind, knowing that a highly trained professional is there to care for all of your fireplace or stove needs. When applicable we scan the entire venting system with a state of the art chimney camera by RodStationUSA We send you a full digital report including all findings, pictures and recommendations. You can rest peacefully enjoying your fire knowing that "R-Chimney Sweep" is there to take care of you and your family.

Camera Inspection

We scan and take pics of your entire system using a state of the art chimney camera by RodStaionUSA. With this system we can see what others can not and provide you with photos of any damage found sent to you digitally using "R" exclusive digital reports. The picture is worth a thousand words! the picture above is worth even more! This is an actual scan from a recent customer who has had their fireplace "swept" by other companies over the last 32 years. Until "R-Chimney Sweep" was called they had no idea of the dangerous conditions in their fireplace chimney. What's in your chimney?

Chimney Caps

Rain and animals can cause havoc to your fireplace, wood stove and chimney. Chimney caps protect your fireplace system from the elements and nature. We sell and install caps from high quality stainless steel standard caps to custom high end whole chimney caps. We only use the highest grade materials from the industry leading manufacturers. Schedule a free estimate today.


WE FIX LEAKY CHIMNEYS!!!! Water is the strongest force on earth! No matter how well your chimney has been constructed its not complete until has been waterproofed. Freeze and thaw cycles in the winter cause bricks and masonry to fail. Crowns are a major source of water penetration. Waterproofing, crown repairs and sealers stop water in its tracks! Fireplaces create condensation. Condensation needs to breathe in order to escape. Non breathable products trap in the condensation and will cause damage from the inside out. We only use breathable industry specific products. Schedule an appointment today to have your chimney and even the other masonry surfaces around your home waterproofed for years of reliable protection.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing brings your masonry and other surfaces back to life. Pressure washing not only looks good it also is a vital part of home maintenance. We recommend that all surfaces be pressure washed before any waterproofing is applied. We pressure wash more than just chimneys. Call today for a free pressure washing estimate.

Small Masonry Repairs

From tuckpointing (removal and replacement of damaged masonry joints)to a new properly built crown, we've got you covered. Not only are crowns one of the biggest sources of water penetration, most crowns in NE Ohio are improperly constructed. A Certified Chimney Sweep will inspect and report all noted damage and explain all work needed in terms that are easy to understand. The report will clearly itemize all repairs needed. The Certified Chimney Sweep will not leave until you completely understand the inspection report.


R Chimney Sweep is a C.S.I.A. Certified Company.
C.S.I.A., The Chimney Safety Institute of America is the only nationally recognized institution for chimney sweep training and education. We are dedicated to staying on top of all the fireplace industry offers. We only use chimney specific products that are of the highest quality.
We have a passion for the Chimney Sweeping Industry. Joe will be quick to tell you, "I LOVE BEING A SWEEP"
That passion shows in "R" work and we are constantly striving to be "R" very best.
We "R" on time
We "R" fair
We "R" reliable
We "R" there for "R" customers
They feel the same. Here is some examples of how "R" customers feel about us,

Ben O. of Brecksville said,


First of all, Joe was incredibly kind and friendly. He was very knowledgeable about all things chimney and fireplace related. We purchased a home and had no idea what we needed to do in order to use the fire place. He came out and told us frankly what we needed and all services recommended were very reasonably priced compared to other providers in the area. He was at our house for several hours for the initial inspection and then several more for the necessary sweep and re-coating of the firebox mortar. He is extremely thorough and respectful of your home. I highly recommend him and will definitely be an annual customer.

Thanks Ben! We loved meeting you both and we hope your upcoming wedding is a dream come true! see you soon!

Mark M. of Cleveland said,

Joe is an awesome sweep! Courteous, communicative, and friendly. He explained everything, described the situation in easy to understand terms, and gave suggestions on how to better enjoy our fireplace. Joe uses the latest technology, takes video, and checks the integrity of each brick in the firebox. He called in advance, had a great disposition, is certified, and fixed us for another great year of burning. I have no hesitation in recommending his work.

Mark we are so happy that you enjoyed your experience with us! Thank you for your kind words and we look forward to serving you in the future!

Become apart of "R" Family of wonderful customers today!
Happy Burning!!!


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